The Protectors Revenge of Saarshe


The Protectors: Revenge of Saarshe is another Tower Defense Flash game.

Trivania, an ancient Kingdom whose name remains a mystery, was said to be enormous, prosperous and powerful. But all peace was disturbed when a witch named Saarshe appeared from nowhere. His misdeeds became so troublesome that he was exiled from the kingdom.

Of course this did not please Saarshe at all. He planned his revenge by getting involved in more evil deeds. He summoned hordes of evil monsters and sent them to burn and pillage all the villages of the kingdom.

Build Towers to protect the villages from the attacking monsters. Buy towers by clicking the shop on the right. Each tower has a red-green indicator at the bottom. You can place the selected tower only in those regions where the tower indicator turns green.

The Protectors Revenge of Saarshe

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