Wake Up The Box walkthrough


Wake Up The Box walkthroughWake Up the Box, developed by Eugene Karataev and sponsored by olologames, is an original and cute puzzle game created with the box2d physics engine.

This is one amazing little puzzler. It's very cute in it's presentation and incredibly entertaining. Just seeing that wide eyed face as the little box falls to awakening is just so enjoyable. The music is really suitable as well.

For what it lacks in level diversity, it makes up for in puzzle ingenuity. The level designs are very well thought out and they are surprisingly challenging. A sequel is deserved because once I got to the last 5 levels or so I was really having an awesome time figuring out how those little things are supposed to work.

Certain levels added the element of placement timing as well and it rounded it out as a really lovely puzzle game.

Wake Up The Box walkthrough

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