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The following is the english version of and interview to Claudia Durán (developer and webmaster of Escape Juegos) by Sick Reality in his blog Unalomozu.

Claudia Duran Juegos de Escape
Unalomozu: We, game players know little about you. Where are you from and what are you doing in real life?

Claudia Durán: I'm 31 years old working at home mother of two. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay with my husband Carlos, Sebastian (2 years 6 months) and Nicolas (4 months old). I'm one year far of becoming a lawyer but I momentary quit my career to work in my sites, create games and take care of my kids.

Unalomozu: Do you have any special hobbies apart from developing games?

Claudia Durán: I have lots of things I like to do but my spare time is scarce lately. When I'm not developing or updating my blog I play with my children. Oh, I manage to watch a few TV series (House M.D., Fringe and FlashForward) without missing a single episode.

Unalomozu: How did you get into the room escape genre?

Claudia Durán: In fact I'm a huge fan of escape games. I surely played more than a thousand of them. Once I decided to start programming Flash games it was my first and only choice. I don't see myself making a game like Sonny or Battle Gear yet.

Unalomozu: Do you have any favourite game creators or game creators who inspire you?

Claudia Durán: All escape the room game developers inspire me. If I have to choose one of them it would be Mateusz Skutnik. He created the successful Submachine series (among others) and Submachine was the first point and click game I played.

Unalomozu: What do you keep the most important thing when making a room escape game?

Claudia Durán: The screwdriver! lol. I like to have a few good puzzles in every game. Sometimes the clues are a bit harder to find but overall I'm sure Escape Gamers don't like very easy games. This category if for those who want a challenge and their joy is bigger once they come out.
Some players think I'm evil because I usually try to trick them. For example in My Second Christmas Escape you have a panel with space for 4 digits but the solution has only 2.

Unalomozu: You have created several games so far but do you have a favourite? Which of your games would you recommend the most?

Claudia Durán: I like all of them for obvious reasons. I should say: People, come play all my games! :P
In the process of creation for each game I learned a little bit more and I'm getting a little bit better both in graphics and coding. My biggest proud is Studio Escape, a game sponsored by Escape Games 24.

Unalomozu: Your games also appear on the Cafe Cafe Games website. How did you get into connection with them?

Claudia Durán: My husband is known between his friends as "Cafe Cafe". Once we decided to create a gaming portal he suggested the name CafeCafe Games. He really needs to publish my games if he don't want to sleep out with our dog :)
Translator's note: She is not bluffing ;)

Unalomozu: What are your plans for the future? Will you change something in your games or are you satisfied with the games you’ve created so far?

Claudia Durán: I want to make more and more escape games and probably an adventure. Looking backwards with my current knowledge I'd change a lot of things in my first few games. But I choose to apply such information in the making of the next game and continue to grow as developer.

Second Christmas Escape Thief Escape Art Escape Another Halloween Escape Ancient Coins Escape

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