Unearth 2 Walkthrough


Unearth 2 is a point and click adventure game developed by Michael Hibbert in exclusive for CafeCafe Games.

This sequel is the second episode in a series of four.
You were abducted and you need to escape this ship finding hidden objects and solving strange puzzles.

Unearth 2 WalkthroughUnearth 2 Walkthrough
* go left
* move parts on the floor till see the sonic screwdriver
* go up the elevator
*go all the way to the left
* use screwdriver on vent
* dig trough trash till you find the red orb
*click on red button in top left hand corner
* jump in hatch, then through the vent hole at the top
* behind the blue floating sphere there is a green orb
* move computer screen and open hatch on the ground.
*open the hatch and click in the hole turn the device till the foot points up
* go left twice
* put the screwdriver on the charger
* take the glowing screwdriver
* go left
* dig through trash till you find the blue orb and the bar
*use bar on elevator doors
*use screwdriver on the screws of the bracket
* go right look in the open panel in the floor.
* twist device back to its original position.
* elevator works for all 4 floors now
* go left all the way
* dig through trash till you find the center computer console
* go down 2 floors and all the way to the right
* place the three orbs in slots above the green lenses (red, green, blue)
* take flash drive that appears
* go up to the top and all the way to the right
* move trash if needed
* put flash drive in slot on the arm of the computer
* go left once blue screen in the wall will be powered up
* click on it
* there is a map of the ship here with a line connect it to the room with the key in it
* go to the key room and take the key
* go back and draw a line to the room with the gun in it
* get the gun
* go to the room with the blue sphere that turns to a lock shape
* place key in lock
* take cable from closet
* place screwdriver in gun
* go down one floor and to the left
* connect cable to the two cable ends
* go to the bottom floor and all the way to the right
* use gun on wall
* go all the way to the left
* place console on the bottom computer part
* place screen on top
* each computer will flash a 5 number code to you when
you insert the flash drive. note that code and bring it to the cockpit
with the 4 floating orbs. rollover the orbs to enter the codes.
the placement of the screens corresponds to the placement of the computers( the bottom left
hand code goes in the bottom left hand screen.
* the order of the numbers goes like this

1 4
2 5

the orb will glow blue when the code is entered right

*press the button above the chair

you win!!!!

Note: The game has a Secret area. Can you find it?

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  1. great game - Hibbert always seems to come up with good ones.


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