Magic Pen 2, Portal Defenders and Bunny Invasion 2

Magic Pen 2Game: Magic Pen 2
Category: Physics games

Game description: Anyone who thinks that the laws of physics are boring is definitely mistaken. These basic laws that apply to everything around us can be used to do great things.

Magic Pen 2, by Alejandro Guillen and Luis Brenes, is the sequel of the hugely popular Magic Pen game. The game will test your puzzle ability to the max. Armed with just a pen, you are required to draw the shapes needed to get the job done. Can you defy the persistent pull gravity or will you become a mindless slave obeying to its basic rules? It’s all up to you.

Portal DefendersGame: Portal Defenders
Category: Action games

Game description: Portal Defenders is a spiritual sequel to Newgrounds mini-games Castle Crashing the Beard and Pico Blast. Defend the NG portal through waves of Spam. 35 unique Newgrounds personalities are represented in this awesome action game.

Bunny Invasion 2Game: Bunny Invasion 2
Category: Shooting games

Game description: Bunny Invasion 2 is a defensive bunny shooting game! Buy weapon upgrades, structure upgrades and even spread myxomatosis! While you're in the pub enjoying a drink, a news flash informs him that a new army of evil bunnies are taking over the country. It's your task to defend the nation from certain destruction!

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Code Monkey Tycoon

Code Monkey TycoonCode Monkey Tycoon is a business management game. Your goal is to earn as much money as you can without ever going below 0 dollars. You cannot win the game, but you can play until you feel satisfied with your earnings.

Learn the ins and outs of the gaming industry as you turn your dream into a game-development powerhouse!

Use your mouse to hire, create a team, and assign the team(s) to development projects. Under the Management tab, you can also see your financial performance. When your business goes into the red, your game designing career is over!

Under the Lab tab, you can create teams to research higher-quality game development. When teams are created here, they will automatically investigate the technology shown in the Tech Tree. Check how your games are selling under the Distribution tab. Keep your consumers hooked on your games by advertising them under the Advertising tab. Finally, see how you are performing and being reviewed under the Results tab. In the field of game development, you can never really “win”…but, you can take your little start-up to places (and revenues) beyond your wildest dreams!

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Block Drop, Sky Invasion and Exorbis 2

Block Drop gameGame: Block Drop
Category: 3D games

Game description: Block Drop is an addictive 3D puzzle game featuring soothing graphics and dynamically generated music. The objective of the game is to control the gem to remove all of the blocks leaving only the checkered block behind. The increasingly complex levels are all randomly generated, so no two games will ever be the same!

Sky Invasion gameGame: Sky Invasion
Category: Action games

Game description: Sky Invasion is an improved version of Kingdom of the Wind. November AD 2569. Earth Alliance Federation has their colony bases spreaded all around the continents on Earth. Centuries passed by since the colonization to Mars, now it is time to go home to the Earth as Mars is slowly dying. But EAF doesn't allow us to go home. There's only one answer to get back our right on Earth... Invasion.

Exorbis 2 gameGame: Exorbis 2
Category: Puzzle games

Game description: Exorbis 2 is a colorful puzzle online game which starts off easy but gets very difficult. Can you get the perfect score on every level? There is also a level editor so you can challenge your friends! Use only the mouse. Click on the sliders in order to move rows and columns of orbs. Get all the orbs onto targets of matching color.

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Pillage the Village, Artillery Live and Neon Layers

Pillage the Village online gameGame: Pillage the Village
Category: Action games

Game description: Pillage the Village is not for the faint of heart. The villagers are full of money and if you shake them hard enough that money will be yours. Toss, smash, bash and plunder in this unique ‘hand of god’ game. Use the money you pillage to buy spells. Choose to be a pacifist, antagonist or neutral god. Great graphics and a very compelling physics engine in this online game.

Neon Layers online gameGame: Neon Layers
Category: Puzzle games

Game description: Neon Layers is a simple but challenging puzzle game in which you must guide a silver ball from top to bottom and out through the exit. You control the neon lights and by turning them to red or green you are able to drop the ball through the layers. This Flash game requires concentration and a little bit of trial and error to get it right.

Artillery Live multiplayer gameGame: Artillery Live
Category: Multiplayer games

Game description: This is a hugely popular multiplayer tank artillery game, reimagined from its classic predecessors that still stands out on its own. You can choose between single and multiplayer modes and battle it out against two opponents. Each round you adjust the trajectory and velocity of your attack, take into account the wind direction and open fire. Each tank has 3 layers of defense. Great game!

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DJ Fest 2, Roly-Poly Cannon and Chaos of Mana

DJ Fest 2 online gameGame: DJ Fest 2
Category: DJ games

Game description: DJ Fest 2 is finally here! The sequel to the successful Flash game introduces new scratching beats, new graphics and a totally new and improved game play. You will be able to unlock new songs, choose from 2 hot DJs, and enter your high scores for all to see. Do you feel the heat!?

Try to be the best DJ on the wheel, hitting the highest scratching score. Choose between two hot DJs and just follow the beat. Try to stay in the middle of the wave to hit bonus points.

Chaos of Mana online gameGame: Chaos of Mana
Category: RPG games

Game description: Chaos of Mana is a cool fighting RPG game similar to Swords and Sandals. Your mission is to lead your warrior to the victory. Choose your hero's name, adjust his hair style, facial detail and select if he will be a warrior, a mage or a charmer.

Level up by winning fights in the arena. For every 2 fights in the arena your level will rise and you will get 3 extra points to improve your characters attributes. You can spend your hard earned money on the shopping street or bet some money on the llama races.

Roly Poly Cannon online gameGame: Roly-Poly Cannon
Category: Cannon games

Game description: Roly-Poly Cannon is the latest physics based puzzle action game from the author of the Ragdoll Cannon series.

Roly-Poly bugs have settled down in the area. It is time to show these unwanted visitors that they have chosen the wrong place to hang out! Don’t mind their cute appearance, just get rid of them one way or another. Your trusty cannon and an accurate aim is all you need to complete this task.

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Locked Inside Episode 2 walkthrough

Another game walkthrough for our collection. Locked Inside Episode 2 is the second and final installment in the Locked Inside series developed by Marc Baldwin.

“Can you finally find a way to escape, or will you be locked inside forever?”

Locked Inside walkthrough
Play Locked Inside Episode 2
Locked Inside Episode 2 walkthrough

1 - Click the silver box with black bars sort of like a vent and pick up the tape holding the crack together.

2 - Click the upper further-most corner of the bed, then the floor beside it and then pick up the key underneath the bed.
Also, if you click downwards when you have a full view of the bed you can take the knife that is underneath the closest side of the bed.

3 - Use the key on the wardrobe and take the screwdriver from the locked compartment. Open the unlocked compartment and take the bar at the top.

4 - Beside the door is a hook; take out the screws with the screwdriver and take the hook.

5 - Using the newfound tool, click the chord hanging from the trap door and it will open. Click on the ladder to pull it down, and click a few more times to head up into the loft.

6 - Take the rope which is to your left, and then go back to the safe. The sequence is:
The innermost semi circle needs to be on the upper half; the flat side facing down and the surved edge upwards.
The black quarter need to go in the spot where the other sequences have missed; the lower right quarter of the second circle.
The third three quarter circle needs to face the same way as the second picture in the sequence on the wall.
The outtermost semi circle needs to be on a slant, with the flat edge facing the upper left corner and the curved edge facing the bottom right corner.

Once the safe is opened, take the gold bar and head back down the ladder.

7 - At the window, click the carpet below and use the knife on the ripped part of the carpet. Then use the rope on the beams beneath the carpet.

8 - Go back to the window and break it with the gold bar. Clear the sharp edges on the bottom edge of the window using the gold bar again. Then click the rope, which will go out through the window, and you can now escape.

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Valentine's Escape and are pleased to present Valentine's Escape.
This is a very simple escape game, that we made to celebrate St. Valentine's day.
The game is easy to solve, but we hope you enjoy it anyway.
Good luck, and Happy Valentine's day!!

Walkthrough Valentine's Escape Solution

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N's File

N's File is a new escape the room game from Hilg, who is also the creator of Wizard Taro and Sensor series.

You are trapped in a class room and you need to find items and clues in order to escape the room.
Good Luck!
Walkthrough N's File solution

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Locker Room Escape Walkthrough

Locker Room Escape is a new escape the room game from GamesHandbook.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to find the correct key in order to escape.
Good Luck!
walkthrough Locker Room Escape solutionLocker Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. Click under leftmost locker, get key.
2. Click to the left of screen, get screw from window (bottom right corner)
Use key to open the first locker.
3. Click under third locker, get little brownish/reddish item (near the 3rd leg of the lockers)
Combine with screw.
4. Open the second locker, code: 3510 from medal in first locker.
5. Click the book.
7. Use the screw/brownish item to open the third locker.
8. Get bucket and rope.
Attach the rope to the bucket.
9. Go to the shower, put the bucket under right shower, fill the bucket.
Use it to open the forth locker.
Get plug and knife.
10. Use plug in Tv.
11. Use knife under second locker twice.
12. Get Key and use it to open the rightmost locker.
13. Get all keys.
14. Use the forth key to open de door and escape!!!

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Scape Ekonarae

Scape Ekonarae is a new Japanese escape the room game from Nifty, who is also the creator of Heyaka Raderu.

In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.
Good Luck!
walkthrough Scape Ekonarae solution
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StormWinds The Lost Campaigns

StormWinds The Lost Campaigns online gameGame: StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns
Category: Strategy games

Game description: StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns is the glorified expansion pack to the first popular shooter released a year ago. With 7 new campaigns, all new enemies, weapons, and more, there is plenty to keep players busy. It also explains more of the StormWinds story and sheds some light on this steampunkish universe.

Similar to StormWinds 1.5, you must defend your fortress from the oncoming enemy waves. Place turrets in locations of your choice on your fortress, creating the best defense possible to withhold even the greatest of attacks. Purchase, Repair, upgrade, and move your turrets to find the ultimate defense.

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Online Games for the weekend

Totem Destroyer 2 online gamesGame: Totem Destroyer 2
Category: Puzzle games

Game description: A new adventure has started with Totem Destroyer 2. The totems are back, and they came in a big figure this time, over 100.
Your objective is to destroy the totems so you can get their idols from the top, you can't let the idols fall into the ground, they must land on a dark block. Expect over 3 hours of gameplay in this sequel of the great puzzle Totem Destroyer.

Mushroom Revolution online gamesGame: Mushroom Revolution
Category: Tower Defense games

Game description: Mushroom Revolution is a Tower Defense game with endless combinations and possibilities.
You can buy elements to enhance your towers. Each element combination has a different effect. Using 3 elements of the same type on a tower will make it pure which has no special effect but can be upgraded to level 6. Every 5 waves in the game you will gain a random accessory to enhance your towers just like elements.

Bars of Black and White online gamesGame: Bars of Black and White
Category: Escape games

Game description: Bars of Black and White is a game about barcodes and Orwellian experimentation. You can’t remember the last time you left your room. When you receive a barcode reader in the mail, you discover that the world around you is not what it seems, and you must escape the bars of black and white.

Automaton Part 1 online gamesGame: Automaton Part 1
Category: Point and click games

Game description: A noble professor with a guilty conscience has created you to bring peace to the world and overthrow the iron-fisted rule of the King.
Using your limited psychokinetic powers you must solve intricate puzzles and help steer the professor to safety, and in the process, learn the destiny of the Automation.

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