Unearth 3 walkthrough


Unearth 3 walkthroughUnearth 3 Homeward Bound is the third chapter in the Unearth point and click game series developed by Arimux Games and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

Last time you were abducted by an alien ship. Now the ship crashed in a strange forest and you have to search the place looking for objects and clues to solve misterious puzzles and continue your quest.

Unearth 3 Walkthrough

Scan the landscape until you see a house in the woods. Go to the house.
Select the gun in your inventory and click on the background to separate the two parts. The pen shaped part is an alien screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver to pick locks of doors that are locked (other locks are too complicated for this to work).
2nd floor take axe from room with the glass jug
Go to the basement, rollover the blue sphere until it turns into a door, enter it.
Take tube from under the terminal
Go outside and behind the house to the lake.
Connect the tube to the pipe.
Go back to the saucer crash site, use axe to cut down the tree.
Enter the door in the first room, open stove and put wood in.
Reassemble the space gun and shoot logs to start fire.
Go right and flip the switch in the water pump.
Go to the bust (computer) on the second floor and click on it.
Take the key.
Pull string on the hatch on the second floor.
Go to the attic.
Use green key on the blue sphere.
Get a red orb.
Leave attic close hatch, and enter the door.
Enter the blue door.
Use the gun on metal wall.
Click on stone 2nd from the left and 2nd from the top.
Take the key.
Go left, note diagram on the wall.
Go to the kitchen.
Use small key on the padlock on the safe.
Enter the blue door.
Use red orb on claw hanging from ceiling, then enter room.
Take screen.
Use the screwdriver on eye.
Take the key.
Go back and right.
Make a triangle with the spheres (beams will connect them).
Take the key.
Take the shovel.
Go to the basement.
Go all the way to the left and use the shovel on dirt.
Note the combination.
Go back to the bunks were you blasted the hole in the wall.
Go all the way to the back and up the ladder to the panel that looks like a mixer, click on it.
Put screen in the hole above the mixer.
The line represent numbers the bottom is 1 (one) and the top is 10 (ten).
Enter the combination.
Take the key.
Go back to the basement, go in the blue door.
Use keys on the terminal.

Congratulations, you win !

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