Happy Old Miner Walkthrough


Happy Old Miner WalkthroughHappy Old Miner is a new Point and Click type Escape the Room Game developed by Falkom88 and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in this old mine. Find objects, clues and solve some puzzles in order to escape.

Play Happy Old Miner

Happy Old Miner Walkthrough:

1. Take the showel.

2. Use the showel on the hillock (above the shovel icon on the same screen).

3. Take the broken pickaxe.

4. Go to next screen (click the red arrow).

5. Take the boot, stick and yellow thing.

6. Go back to first screen.

7. Use the stick on the broken pickaxe.

8. Use the pickaxe on the crack in the wall.

9. Use the boot on the dog.

10. Go to second screen.

11. Use the dog on the floor.

12. Use the pickaxe one the yellow stain.

13. Click the new passage.

14. Click the gray box on the left.

15. Click it again to open.

16. Click the blue switch to turn off the power.

17. Use the pickaxe on the lamp (in inventory).

18. Use the lamp handle (brown wire) on the broken wires.

19. Click the blue swithc to turn on the power.

20. Go back to previous screen.

21. Click the gray box on the right.

22.Click it again to open.

23. Use the gear where gear is missing.

24. Go back to previous screen.

25. Click the red button.

26. Congratulations ;)

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