Save the Frog walkthrough


Save the Frog walkthroughSave The Frog is a new Point and Click Escape the Room Game developed by Falkom88 and sponsored by CafeCafe Games.

Some strange guy kidnapped your friend! (Yes, your friend is a frog. So what?) You must help him now. Follow the vehicle to his lair and save the frog before this twisted guy hurt him.

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Save the Frog walkthrough

1 - Collect items: - antenna (thin, gray wire over the car's reflector) - tube (blue item under the car) - bucket (click the rope on the weel and then take the bucket)
2 - Take the crowbar from the bucket (click the little gray item in the bucket icon in inventory).
3 - Go inside the building (click the big blue arrow).
4 - Take the matches from the red locker (click the little red box).
5 - Use the crowbar on the locker.

6 - Take the golden key.
7 - Click the manhole and use the car's antenna on the gray key.
8 - Open the car's filler (little square to the right form rear wheel).
9 - Use the golden key on the fuel tank filler cap.
10 - Go deeper into the room (blue arrow).

11 - Take the axe (little brown thing behind the red box).
12 - Take the bellow (on the floor under frog picture).
13 - Combine the bellow with the tube.
14 - Go back to the car.
15 - Use the bellow with tube on the filler.

16 - Go out.
17 - Use the axe on the branch and cut it off from the log.
18 - Go to the furnace.
19 - Open the furnace.
20 - Put the branch inside.

21 - Use the bellow on the branch in the furnace.
22 - Use the matches on the branch.
23 - Put the bucket on the furnace.
24 - Click on the red box's lock. You need a code.
25 - Go to the car and loock at the license plate. 4 A 8 - Y B
This is the code but you need to replace the letters.

26 - Go out and find the letters: - B9 (between entrance and picture) thats means B = 9 - A8 (arround the well) thats means A = 8
27 - Go to the red box where you will find last letter: - Y6 (on the red box) thats means Y = 6
28 - Replace the letters with numbers and solve the equation: 4 A 8 - Y B = 488 - 69 = 419
29 - Click the red box's lock.
30 - Type in: 0419

31 - Take the ice cube from the red box.
32 - Use the ice cube on the bucket.
33 - Go to the car.
34 - Use the gray key on the wheel lock.
35 - Click the car's door.

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