Witch House walkthrough


Witch House walkthroughThis is the walkthrough for Witch House, a point and click Escape the Room game developed by Sonia Roman.

In a little old abandoned house used to live a woman. It is said that the woman was a witch, and her disappearance was a mistery... Nobody tried to enter the house because people thought it was enchanted, but now is time to solve the mystery.

The game (also known as Casa de la Bruja) is available both in english and spanish.

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Witch House walkthrough

Witch House Dining room:
• Pick up the feather
• Go to the books;
a. white book: explanation of the herbals
b. brown book: take the nail with the human hair
c. red book: read ‘the power of the witch’

Witch House Kitchen:
• Pick up the blue bottle
• Take the herbals out of the basket in the lower shelf (there are 4)

Witch House Desk room:
• Click on the box (diamond match) and take out the tarot card
• Keep that doll with the blue eyeball in mind

Witch House Room left from the desk room:
• Read the paper on the table: It’s a clue to how to get out
• Keep that green ball on the table’s foot in mind

Witch House The hall:
• Pick up the chicken foot from the floor and go right

Witch House Bathroom:
• Secret window: Take the knife and the shells

Witch House Room right from the bathroom:
• Go to the right room: use your knife to take out the red ball

- Go back to the desk room: use your knife to take the blue ball out of the doll
- Go to the room left from the desk room: use your knife to take the green ball from the table
- Now go back to the kitchen and put all your items in the cauldron, in the order that’s given in that spell book, it says:
1. shells,
2. chicken foot
3. nail human hair
4. feather
5. angelica
6. zacatechichi
7. ace of cups of the tarot
8. 3 coloured marbles: blue, green, red

- Take your blue bottle and fill it with the liquid in the cauldron
- Go to the right room at the end of the hall, wet the door with your bottle and you're out

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