Reincarnation In The Name of Evil walkthrough


Reincarnation In The Name of Evil, developed by Christopher Gianelloni, is another sequel in the Reincarnation point and click game series.

Another soul has escaped from Hell through a reincarny portal. Go find out if the soul is up to his evil ways and end his holiday from hell. Help the purple demon levitate things and create evil throughout the game by using your mouse and clicking objects to interact with them.

Reincarnation In The Name of Evil Walkthrough

- Read the note in the mirror.
- Make the guy leave by setting the clock on that time. And to let him look at the clock click the photo so it drops.
- Unplug the clock and take it. Tack the duck from inside the cabinet. Let the water flow.
- Go downstairs.
- Click the squeaky plank to let the guy look to the left and quickly click the sheet.
- Open the top of the bomb.
- Click the squeaky plank again and take the batteries from the bomb.
- Combine the batteries with the clock and put in the mouse hole.
- Go upstairs, turn off the light and put the duck in the bath tub.
- Go downstairs and take the soul back to hell.

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