Escape the Tree House 1 walkthrough


Escape the Tree House 1 walkthroughEscape the Tree House 1 is the first chapter in a point and click escape game series created by Adham Jaber and Sandra Miguel for CafeCafe Games.

You are trapped in a tree house and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

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Escape the Tree House 1 walkthrough

Take the wood by the chest.
Note the shapes and colors in the window.
Turn right.
Take the middle book from the shelf.
Open the drawer and get a hammer.
Click on the four squares on the big box to change them.
Solve the code for a lighter. The shaes in the window are the hint.
( Green square, Red circle, Blue circle, Yellow Triangle )
Note the colors of the painting.
Turn right.
Click on the three color palettes on the wall to turn them.
The cupboard above opens and you get a key.
Order of colors from the painting goes on top of the palette - Black Red Green
Use the hammer on the wood in the lower right corner.
Get a ladder.
Turn right twice.
Use the key on the chest, get fuel.
Open the fireplace.
Put the wood there, add fuel, use the lighter, add the book.
Take a key from the fire.
Turn left.
Use the key on the door.
Use the ladder on the broken ladder.

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