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Walkthrough Antique EscapeAntique Escape is a point and click type escape game developed by Sonia Roman and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in a house and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

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Go left.
Take the gear #1 from the floor.
Zoom in the gramophone and take the clock face from below the handle; zoom out.

Go left twice.
Take the wand from the bottom, under the dress.
Zoom in the hat and use the CLOCK FACE on it to get the key #1; zoom out.

Go right.
Use the KEY on the top drawer (with a keyhole) and take the glasses.

Go left 2 times.
Take the gear #2 from the bottom, under the books.
Click on the top part of the ladder to go upstairs.

At the dark attic, drag the GLASSES to the screen to see.
Take the photograph from the bottom left of the screen and click on it in inventory for a spot to see downstairs.
Click on the opened trapdoor to go back down.

Go right 4 times (to the view in the photo)
Zoom in the old radio and use the WAND on it to get the gear #3; zoom out.
Click on the part of the wall depicted in the photo to open a secret panel with the gear #4 inside.

Go all the way to the left, go upstairs (use glasses) and move all the way to the right.
Put the GEARS on that other floor trapdoor and click on the round handle to open it and to get a paper with colored dots.

Go left.
Zoom in the piano keys and click on them with the color sequence from the paper.if numbering them, you would be pressing the keys in this order: 6-2-7-5-1. Once done, take the bird that appears; zoom back.

Go left.
Put the bird inside the cage and take the key #2.

Go downstairs and 2 times to the right.
Zoom on the bottom right of the bookshelves and use the KEY 2 to open the lower compartment to get the key #3; zoom out.

Go left 2 times, move upstairs (use glasses) and to the right.
Use the KEY 3 to open the lower part of the piano to get 2 red balls.

Go right.
Use the BALLS on the bottom of the painting on the left and take the rose.

Go back downstairs and all the way to the right.
Click on the floor to have a view from nowhere.
Use the ROSE on the slot to open a secret door… out!

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  1. cant find the walkthrough to this game?!

  2. There is a timepiece on the left side of the record player pick it up and put it on the hat for a key to the desk

  3. where is the 1st of4 cogwheel ??? thanks

  4. in the attic at the bottom left of the violin is a gold object pick up it is a picture of the wall where the first cogwheel is hidden :)


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