Escape the Tree House 5


Escape the Tree House 5 is the last chapter of Escape the Tree House point and click type escape the room serie sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

This time you are trapped in a cave surrounded with ancient puzzles. Find useful items around the place to escape.

Play Escape the Tree House 5

Click the biggest of the five small stones on the lower right side of the ground.
A hole opens in the right wall.
Get an axe from the hole.
Use the axe on 6 pieces of gold that are spread out on the walls to get them.
Some of them are hard to see, like the one in the lowest part of the screen, right side, to the left of the mute button.
Click here to see a picture of the location of the axe and pieces of gold.
Place the 6 pieces of gold in the eye on the back wall (the 6 dots above the pupil).
A hole opens in the left wall.

Go through the hole, to the left.
Get a red shirt from the skeleton.
Get a bone from lower right side of the screen.
Get some ashes from in front of the pile of round balls.
Get a torch from the left wall.
Click here for a picture of where to get the items.

Use the bone on the skeleton and get a bottle of lighter fluid.
Take a part of a key from below the skeleton head, just to the left of the black stones.
Put the shirt, ashes and lighter fluid on the big rock in the middle to get fire.
Use the torch in the fire to light it.
Use the lit torch on the left wall, in the small darker grey area above the two round black balls.
Get a round stone.
Go back to the first room, through the hole in the right wall.

Use the torch on the spider to make it move.
Click in the middle of the cobweb to get second part of a key (they combines to a whole key).
Put the round stone in the middle of the pupil of the eye.
A new opening appears.

Move through the opening in the back wall.
Remember the clue on the wall in the room with the fire?
The star shows roman numerals, close to the moon/planet shapes.
Now, use the order you get from that clue and click the four shapes in the floor (surrounding the star).
Solution: lower right (planet), upper left (moon), upper left (moon), upper right (sun), lower left (globe).
Click here to see a picture of the order to press them.
Get a mirror and a black stone from the raised platform.

Enter the cave to the right.
Place the black stone on the ground below the door opening (left side of the wall).
Place it where there is a spot that looks like a sand color stone.
Click here for a picture of where to place the stone.
Get a bridge to the chest.
Use the key in the chest to get a magnifier and a stick.

Go right and down (back to the eye cave).
Place the stick on the eye (the curved line below the pupil and above the triangles).
Place the big mirror on the wooden branch to the right, below the cobweb.
Place the magnifier on a similar wooden branch in the left side of the screen.
Click here to see a screenshot of where to place the items.
Click the shape that appears on the floor and you’re out!

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  1. Hint:
    There's a rock hidden at the bottom right of the screen. It's right next to the speaker.
    Very hard to see but easy to grab once you know is there.

  2. I have reloaded twice, clicked everywhere and nothing. I can't find the rock anonymous talked about. anyone else have any clues to help?

  3. (KJS) I have no clue either!

  4. then you can take the gold from the left side

  5. it is 4 parts of gold to take.

  6. I can't grab the stone next to the speaker. But if you klick on the biggest of the five rocks below the hand of the skeleton, it will show a hole i the right tree, where you can find a scythe.

  7. This game does not work. I can get the pickaxe but it does not pick up any of the gold. I have tried to play this game a number of times and this always happens. Help?


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