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Mess Escape WalkthroughMess Escape is a point and click type escape game developed by Sonia Roman and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in a house and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

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Mess Escape Walkthrough:

Click right side of the screen to move.
Pick up rectangle #1 from lowest part of screen, left side at the edge of the carpet.
Click here for a picture where to find the rectangle.
Click to open the door below the stairs and enter the bathroom.
Get rectangle #2 from top of the basket to the right.
Click lower part of screen to exit.
Click upper part of stairs to enter the TV-room.
Take a tissue from the box to the left.
Go back down.
Move right – kitchen.
Click the blinds at the window and find rectangle #3 on the window sill.
Move right – laundry room.
Pick up a bottle of green color from lowest part of the screen, a little to the right.
Click here for a picture where to find the green bottle.
Go all the way left.
Use the green bottle on the canvas, then use the tissue.
Get a photo of a bed.
Go right and upstairs.
Click right part of the screen to see the bed.
From the photo you get a clue where to look:
Drag the white paper from the table to the left of the bed.
Get a wrench.
(You can only drag the paper if you have the photo from the painting).
In this view with the big bed – get rectangle #4 from under the bed (lower part of screen, a little to the left under the bed – just right of where the cover comes down a bit).
Click here for a picture where to find the rectangle.
Go left and down.
Move right – kitchen.
Place the four rectangles in the box on the floor to the right.
Click the small grey button on the box to open it and get a key.
Go to the bathroom under the stairs.
Use the key in the left cabinet.
Use the wrench on the red box to get a knob.
Go to the kitchen again and use the knob in the right cupboard (black hole).
Get a cup.
Click the left part of the tap to turn the water on.
While the water is running, drag the cup there to fill it with water.
Go up the stairs and to the right.
Use the water on the plant in the lower right corner (big bed view).
Take the new (top) part of plant.
Go down and left.
Place the plant part on the painting to the left.
Light’s on, door open.

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  1. Stuck with a bottle and 2 knobs (used)

  2. do you have the key??

  3. you get a key when you use the knobs

  4. Found things but I have no idea what they are or how to use them..yikes this is hard.

  5. ¿Cómo no hay previsto que podamos apagar esa musiquita insoportable?

  6. I get out with this walkthrough, thanks for helping.


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