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Pastel House Escape WalkthroughPastel House Escape is a point and click type escape game developed by Sonia Roman and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in a house and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

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Pastel House Escape Walkthrough:

Zoom in the right sofa to see the [P2, L3, W4] CLUE a bit closer.
Move to the right.

Zoom on the bookshelves on the left and open the blue book (click on the bottom right corner of it to go through the pages); use the clue from the sofa to get a PASSWORD you’ll need. Close the view and go ‘Back’
Zoom under the stool by the bed and click on the purple box to have a large view of it. Select the [******] and delete them before entering the PASSWORD. Click on ‘OK’ and get the paper with colored dots 1/3.
Go ‘Back’ twice, move to the right and ‘Back’ again.

In this new view/room, there’s a TV (or microwave) on the left side with some drawers below. Find the key #1 inside the first one (from top) and a green dot 1/2 in the second one.
Move to the right.

Get the green dot 2/2 from behind the clock on the bottom shelf.
Go ‘Back’ to the previous scene and click on the doorway in front to return to the original room.

Zoom in the wooden chest on the table and place both GREEN DOTS on it to open it and to have the paper with colored dots 2/3.
Click ‘Back’ and move to the left 2 times.

“Mmmm… I think I need a key”. And you do have one! Drag your KEY to open the locked cupboard on the left and click on the green box to see it closer… get the yellow clue and leave the box… for now.
Click ‘Back’ and move to the right.

Click on the YELLOW CLUE in inventory to know how to open the safe above the bed (order of corners to click on). Zoom in the safe, click the 4 corners in the correct order to read the password for the green box.
Click ‘Back’ and go to the left again.

Zoom in the green box and open it with this new PASSWORD; get the paper with colored dots 3/3.
Zoom ‘Back’, go to the right 2 times and ‘Back’ again.

Move to the right. Click on each of the papers with colored dots (if you need to) to see them closer. Click on the colored dots on the “fridge” door in the left-to-right order from the papers to open it (only 6 out of those 7) and get the key #2.
Click on ‘Back’ two times, to see the exit door.
Use the last KEY on it to escape… Congrats!!

Solution to the purple box
As seen in the [P2, L3, W4] clue, you have to open the blue book and go to the Page 2, Line 3, Word 4 to get the password: modern.

Spoiler for the white safe
As seen on the Yellow Clue (found next to the green box), open the white safe above the bed clicking these corners:
finally on ‘OK’

Spoiler for the green box
As seen inside the white safe, the password for this green box is animal.

Solution to the “fridge”
Following the order in the 3 dotted papers, click on the ones on the fridge as follow:
- middle
- down
- top left
- up
- bottom right
- bottom left
The green dot in top right is not used.

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