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Walkthrough Egypt EscapeEgypt Escape is a point and click type escape game developed by Sonia Roman and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in a pyramid. Find objects and clues in order to find the treasure and escape.

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Egypt Escape Walkthrough:

Get the hidden piece from the bottom right corner of the screen. It is just right of the pot top that you can see. It doesn’t show up as a hot spot.
Click the pot in front of the nearest pillar (left of tree)
Get the first clue piece hidden inside the left rim of the pot
Back up by clicking the bottom of the screen
Click the pot to the right of the tree
Get the first tile from the bottom left of the pot.
Zoom in on the door at the back of the room (behind the fountain)
Place the hidden piece you found in the hole (drag it from the inventory)
Click the enter the hallway
You can’t go anywhere from the door at the end of the hall, so instead, click the right wall between the further supports
Click the chest at the left side of the screen to see it needs a password. You can’t solve this yet.
Click the round pot on the right edge of the raised platform with the chest
Click it when zoomed in. OMG!!! A Cobra!!!
Back up
Go through the door at the back left edge of the screen
See another chest here that will need a code
Enter the door on the back wall
In this hallway, get the second clue piece
Back up 3 times
Click the left wall where the light comes out
Get the third clue piece from the right side of the screen below the raised platform
Go through the back door
Click the back spot on the left pillar
See the clue (sideways U, 2 feathers, sideways U, stick with 2 diamonds)
Back out of the zoomed in view
Now click the door at the very right edge of the screen (you can only see the edge of the doorframe)
Click the rightmost pot
Get the 4th clue piece and the flute (at the bottom edge of the pot and inside the pot rim)
Note the sealed door in this view
Back up 3 times to the hall again
Click the right wall to renter the snake room
Use the clue pieces you found to solve the chest code
(click all 4 clues to see them as 1 sheet of paper)
Click the gray knob to get the second tile
Click the snake pot and use the flute on the top to get the third tile
Go through the back door
Enter the correct code into this chest
Get the fourth tile
Back out 2 times to the main hall
Go left, through the back door, and through the door on the right edge of the screen
Zoom in on the door on the back wall
Place the 4 tiles on the center
Click the lever
Enter the new room
In the new room
Click the right edge of the screen to turn to the jars
Zoom in on them
Note they have organs listed on them
Back up and click the left edge of the screen
Click it again to find the body
Zoom in on it
Use the knife at the feet (drag it) to the stomach of the body
Take 4 organs
Back up and turn right 2 times to the jars
Zoom in and place the correct organs on the front of the jars
Click the gray button on the wall
Get the mummy bandages
Go left to the body
Zoom in on it and use the mummy bandages to wrap the body
Click to take the mummy
Turn right one time
Click the sarcophagus that is sticking out just to the left of the right pillar
Place the mummy in the black hole in the wall
Click the lever to cover him and escape!

Thanks to kitkatfox from EscapeGames24

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