Mediterranean Adventure 1


Mediterranean Adventure walkthroughMediterranean Adventure 1 is the first part in this point and click adventure game series developed by Adham Jaber and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

You are a student trapped in an archaeological excavation. Find the treasures as you unlock your way out of this mysterious tomb. Good Luck!

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Click bottom rock on left side for a Golden Ankh
Get a stick from behind the cat's head and a bowl from the bottom right of screen
Look at the left wall, there are three hieroglyph symbols that are darker than the rest...get them

Click the base of cat statue, it is the moon phases...crescent, half, 3/4, and full.
Stairs appear to the basement.

Go down, and find a big stick. Use it to make a hole on the left wall to mirror the one on the right wall, get a Golden Scarab.

Drag the other stick to the larger torch on the right wall to light it.

Use bowl on the waterhole in middle twice for 2nd Golden Ankh.
Close Inventory box and click the Gold Ring for another Golden Ankh.

Go upstairs and give the 3 Ankhs to the Pharaoh, one in each hand and one behind the head
Put the Scarab to the right...and another doorway opens.

Drag the firestick to the torch on left wall of tunnel to light it...Now you may enter.

Get the rope from right rockpile,
Drag the Hieroglyph Symbols to the matching place on the open yet another passageway.

Assemble the EYE OF HORUS on the Sarcophagus for a Golden Staff.
Get a log from behind fire on right.

Put Golden Staff in hole in left wall and click the 2 squares next to it until they turn red, then click the staff and back out...
Another passageway opened in the left wall.

Enter carefully!
Use the Big Stick on the right wall above the bugs 3 times and the same on the left to cover them with sand.

Now, when the blade swings out of the way, put the log in the hole in the middle.

take the rope from inventory to the hook and again to the log...must be two ropes...then click the rope that is hanging free from the wall to tighten it and the blade is stopped!

Go forward and use Big stick once again on the Golden Sarcophagus...(very handy that stick)
and get a Sizable Ruby!

Put the Ruby on the Pharaoh's crown and grab his Necklace...and you have found the Treasure and escaped the Tomb!

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  1. my fire stick is not lit when i go to light the torch, but it is lit in inventory! what gives? i even restarted the game. same thing. bummer.

  2. Now, when the blade swings out of the way, put the log in the hole in the middle. lol? I tried all my sticks the fire stick the wall beating stick even the golden rod while the blade was to one side even the other and even when it was centered seems like no method works -.-


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