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Walkthrough Mediterranean Adventure 3Mediterranean Adventure 3 is the third part in this point and click adventure game series developed by Adham Jaber and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

You are trapped in Greece and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good Luck!

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  1. walkthrough for game-- this means SPOILERS!!!

    scene 1
    you will find: 1 fire stone, very bottom right of the screen. 1 round stone, beneath the right blue arrow, leaning against a pillar.

    Go left. in this scene: 1 round stone, on top of small column on right. 1 fire stone, at the very bottom middle of the screen. Note the letters on the stone tablet. The very bottom letters, EEC, are the code for the numbers pillar in the starting scene. Just put numbers to the letters of the alphabet.

    Go in the doorway of the house on the left. In this room, you will find: hook and bowl on table. Bellows on floor, left side. rope on floor, right side. Now you are done with the house for the rest of the game.

    Go to the scene to the right of your starting screen. You are in the ruined temple. Next to a column on the right of the statue, there is a dead plant. on a short column to the left front of the screen, there is a round stone. Go back to the starting screen.

    Pull down your inventory tab. Combine rope and grappling hook. throw the hook on top of the ruined temple. Click on greek letters sign on top of temple. now you can see them close up. The 4th round circle is in the letters, on the right side. If you have not already done so, enter the number code into the temple (553) and pull the lever.

    Go back up to the temple. Place all 4 round stones on the square on the ground. Then click on the square. It will open, revealing a trap door. It won't open if you haven't pulled the lever in scene 1!

    Go down trap door. A stick and hammer are easily visible. A fountain top is located on the back wall, just to the right of the plain, uncolored pillar. Note the 4 colors on the pillars. They represent the 4 elements: Earth, air, fire, water.

    Go back to the screen left of the starting screen. In the center pillar, place the fountain head. You've just created a fountain! On the back left pillar, place the dead plant, then light it with the fire stones. use stick on fire to get a torch. Use hammer on white block on left of screen. See that patch of brown? Use your bowl on it. Now you have in your inventory Air (bellows), fire, and earth.

    Return to secret underground chamber. use elements on their respective pillars. Now all we need is water. Go back to the fountain, use the now empty bowl on the fountain, and return to the underground chamber. use bowl of water on the blue column.

    Now a SECRET SECRET underground chamber is revealed! go inside it. On the ground near the front of the screen, there is a dark brown pot. Inside the pot is a nail. Pick it up. This is the only thing you can collect in this room.

    In your inventory, combined the nail with the hammer. Return to your starting screen. On the left, there is a grey square block. use the hammer/nail on this block several times. Eventually, you will carve a hand. Go right on top of the temple, and give that poor handless statue a hand.

    Now go back to the SECRET SECRET underground chamber. The bars guarding the treasure will have lifted. Click the treasure.

    Not only are you out, you're rich!


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