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Walkthrough Scary EscapeScary Escape is a point and click type escape game developed by Sonia Roman and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in a scary house. Find objects and clues in order to escape.

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    Take a FLASHLIGHT from lower right corner of the screen (barely visible).
    Turn right.
    Get a KNIFE from lower middle part of the screen.
    Turn right and go down.
    Find a MATCH BOX, again at the very low part of the screen, right side.
    To the left is a wheel where you need four tiles.
    To the right is too dark.

    Go down.
    Use the knife in the middle of the couch to get a CROWBAR.
    Go right to see lots of notes on the wall.
    Two of the notes on the left side of the wall can be clicked to see different sets of numbers.
    Write them down.
    Get CANDLE #1 from lower left corner of the screen.
    The box needs a password that you don’t know yet.
    Turn right.
    Take a BATTERY #1 from lower left side of the floor, and a KEY from lower right side, close to middle part of the floor.
    Go left three times (to an altar).
    Get BATTERY #2 from lower right side of the floor.
    Go back to see the stairs.
    Use the crowbar on the grey “box” to the left of the base of the stairs.
    Get PIECE #1.
    Go right (to the dark room).
    Drag the two batteries to the flashlight and drag the flashlight into the screen to have light.
    Read the word on the wall: sesame.
    Another box you don’t have the password for yet.

    Go back to the stairs and click on top of them to get back up.
    Use the key in the door and get CANDLE #2.
    There is a box too, and this time you do have the password.
    Use the text from the dark room: sesame.
    Get PIECE #2.

    Go back downstairs, more back to the couch and then left to the altar.
    Place the two candles on top of the altar (drag them around there and they will stick to their places).
    Click the match box to get a BURNING MATCH.
    Use the match on the candles.
    See an order for the shapes on the wall.
    Remember the shapes that looked the same upstairs?
    Go there (turn left once, when upstairs).
    Click the shapes in the order from the altar.
    (number them 1,2,3,4,5,6 and click this order: 3, 6, 4, 1, 2)
    Get PIECE #3 and another red word: antic.

    Go downstairs, down to the couch and turn right once (notes on wall).
    Enter the password in the box.
    Use the word from pressing the shapes: antic.
    Get a SAW.
    Go back upstairs and turn left.
    Use the saw on the chain in left side of the room.
    Get PIECE #4.

    Go downstairs and turn left to see the wheel.
    Place the four pieces inside the wheel.
    Now, use the numbers you saw on the two notes on the wall.
    Find which letters they correspond to.
    Only one of the number sequences will make sense.
    6-5-15-1-23-5-6 will spell: pxzacxp
    14-20-10-1-16-25-10 will spell: breathe
    Go into the dark room again (right from below stairs).
    Use the flashlight and enter the password in the box.
    Password comes from the wheel: breathe.
    Get a KEY.
    Go upstairs and to the left twice.
    Use the key in the door to escape.


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