Happy Old Miner Walkthrough

Happy Old Miner WalkthroughHappy Old Miner is a new Point and Click type Escape the Room Game developed by Falkom88 and sponsored by CafeCafeGames.

You are trapped in this old mine. Find objects, clues and solve some puzzles in order to escape.

Play Happy Old Miner

Happy Old Miner Walkthrough:

1. Take the showel.

2. Use the showel on the hillock (above the shovel icon on the same screen).

3. Take the broken pickaxe.

4. Go to next screen (click the red arrow).

5. Take the boot, stick and yellow thing.

6. Go back to first screen.

7. Use the stick on the broken pickaxe.

8. Use the pickaxe on the crack in the wall.

9. Use the boot on the dog.

10. Go to second screen.

11. Use the dog on the floor.

12. Use the pickaxe one the yellow stain.

13. Click the new passage.

14. Click the gray box on the left.

15. Click it again to open.

16. Click the blue switch to turn off the power.

17. Use the pickaxe on the lamp (in inventory).

18. Use the lamp handle (brown wire) on the broken wires.

19. Click the blue swithc to turn on the power.

20. Go back to previous screen.

21. Click the gray box on the right.

22.Click it again to open.

23. Use the gear where gear is missing.

24. Go back to previous screen.

25. Click the red button.

26. Congratulations ;)

Witch House walkthrough

Witch House walkthroughThis is the walkthrough for Witch House, a point and click Escape the Room game developed by Sonia Roman.

In a little old abandoned house used to live a woman. It is said that the woman was a witch, and her disappearance was a mistery... Nobody tried to enter the house because people thought it was enchanted, but now is time to solve the mystery.

The game (also known as Casa de la Bruja) is available both in english and spanish.

Play Witch House
Witch House walkthrough

Witch House Dining room:
• Pick up the feather
• Go to the books;
a. white book: explanation of the herbals
b. brown book: take the nail with the human hair
c. red book: read ‘the power of the witch’

Witch House Kitchen:
• Pick up the blue bottle
• Take the herbals out of the basket in the lower shelf (there are 4)

Witch House Desk room:
• Click on the box (diamond match) and take out the tarot card
• Keep that doll with the blue eyeball in mind

Witch House Room left from the desk room:
• Read the paper on the table: It’s a clue to how to get out
• Keep that green ball on the table’s foot in mind

Witch House The hall:
• Pick up the chicken foot from the floor and go right

Witch House Bathroom:
• Secret window: Take the knife and the shells

Witch House Room right from the bathroom:
• Go to the right room: use your knife to take out the red ball

- Go back to the desk room: use your knife to take the blue ball out of the doll
- Go to the room left from the desk room: use your knife to take the green ball from the table
- Now go back to the kitchen and put all your items in the cauldron, in the order that’s given in that spell book, it says:
1. shells,
2. chicken foot
3. nail human hair
4. feather
5. angelica
6. zacatechichi
7. ace of cups of the tarot
8. 3 coloured marbles: blue, green, red

- Take your blue bottle and fill it with the liquid in the cauldron
- Go to the right room at the end of the hall, wet the door with your bottle and you're out

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Save the Frog walkthrough

Save the Frog walkthroughSave The Frog is a new Point and Click Escape the Room Game developed by Falkom88 and sponsored by CafeCafe Games.

Some strange guy kidnapped your friend! (Yes, your friend is a frog. So what?) You must help him now. Follow the vehicle to his lair and save the frog before this twisted guy hurt him.

Play Save the Frog

Save the Frog walkthrough

1 - Collect items: - antenna (thin, gray wire over the car's reflector) - tube (blue item under the car) - bucket (click the rope on the weel and then take the bucket)
2 - Take the crowbar from the bucket (click the little gray item in the bucket icon in inventory).
3 - Go inside the building (click the big blue arrow).
4 - Take the matches from the red locker (click the little red box).
5 - Use the crowbar on the locker.

6 - Take the golden key.
7 - Click the manhole and use the car's antenna on the gray key.
8 - Open the car's filler (little square to the right form rear wheel).
9 - Use the golden key on the fuel tank filler cap.
10 - Go deeper into the room (blue arrow).

11 - Take the axe (little brown thing behind the red box).
12 - Take the bellow (on the floor under frog picture).
13 - Combine the bellow with the tube.
14 - Go back to the car.
15 - Use the bellow with tube on the filler.

16 - Go out.
17 - Use the axe on the branch and cut it off from the log.
18 - Go to the furnace.
19 - Open the furnace.
20 - Put the branch inside.

21 - Use the bellow on the branch in the furnace.
22 - Use the matches on the branch.
23 - Put the bucket on the furnace.
24 - Click on the red box's lock. You need a code.
25 - Go to the car and loock at the license plate. 4 A 8 - Y B
This is the code but you need to replace the letters.

26 - Go out and find the letters: - B9 (between entrance and picture) thats means B = 9 - A8 (arround the well) thats means A = 8
27 - Go to the red box where you will find last letter: - Y6 (on the red box) thats means Y = 6
28 - Replace the letters with numbers and solve the equation: 4 A 8 - Y B = 488 - 69 = 419
29 - Click the red box's lock.
30 - Type in: 0419

31 - Take the ice cube from the red box.
32 - Use the ice cube on the bucket.
33 - Go to the car.
34 - Use the gray key on the wheel lock.
35 - Click the car's door.

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Daymare Town 3 walkthrough

Daymare Town 3 walkthroughDaymare Town 3 is the latest sequel in the Daymare Town point and click game series developed by Mateusz Skutnik.

Being the mastermind behind some great Flash game series like Submachine, Covert Front and The Great Escape, Mateusz managed to create another awesome game.

Play Daymare Town 3

Daymare Town 3 walkthrough

After you wake up, turn right, pick up your shoes.

Turn right again, click on the moneybag on the chair.

Turn back left, and pull the cord.

Turn right twice, and then forward. Answer ‘No’ 3 times.

Go forward. Click down the stairs. Go right twice, then go down another set of stairs. And another. Click on the guy in the top-right corner twice. Buy both the Rope and the Window Handle.

Click ‘Exit’, then click at the bottom to back out. Notice the barricaded door with ‘Exit’ on top of it. In the barricade is a closet, click on the bottomright of it to close up. Pick up the hammer.

Back out by clicking the left side of the screen. Now click on the bottomright to turn around. Click just to the right of the staircase to look under it. Pick up the Valve.

There’s a loose floorboard here, click it to remove it. Then pick up the Stone Orb.

Back out twice, go up the stairs by clicking lowerleft of the screen. In this screen are three hotspots on the right side. One to go up the stairs, one to look at the locked cabinet, and one to go right on the same floor. Click the latter. Now use the Window Handle on the window, click it once it’s in place to open the window. Now use the rope in the space here to lower it. Before you leave though, click the far end of the pipe that leaves the heater on the right. You can find a key here. Now back out and click the open window to go out.

Click the bottom twice, then left once. Click on the archway. Click left twice, then use a coin on the door (from your moneybag). Enter the door, then click on the painting. Click on the lower half of the painting again, and pick up the Seashell laying on the beach. Now click the bottom of the screen 6 times to go back.

Go one screens to the left. Click the stairwell that leads underground. Click the lowerleft of the screen. Use the Valve on the Vault, click it again to open it, take the Crystal Ball.

Back out, then click on the hole in the roof to go outside again.

There is a set of stairs to the right that leads to a new square behind this one. There is a set of stairs before that that lead to a building, click to close up on that building. Use the hammer to smash the lock.

Go left. Close up on the painting, and again to enter it. Click just to the right of the base of the tree on the left to go there. Click on the end of the path to go to the beach. Pick up the shell there. Bottomright to back out, then back out again.

Click on the ladder leading to the second floor of the house. Click in the doorway to enter. Pick up the puzzle piece laying in a corner.

Click in the doorway to leave, and go down the ladder. Now click on the barred door. Click on the bar to remove it, then enter the house. This looks familiar! Go left. Click the cabinet door to open it, and pick up the gear wheel. Then go right. Use the hammer to smash the lock on the chest, click on the chest and pick up the Crank Handle. Now click on the top to exit this view.

Click the bottom four times to go back to the square. Click the leftmost arch and use a shell on the pedestal. Back out, then do the same with the third arch. Back out. Now click the middle arch, and enter the building. There’s a hole in the wall on the upper-left, click it, and pick up the puzzle piece. Click the bottom of the screen three times.

Now click the other staircase on the right. Click at the end to go to the new square. The archway at 6-0′clock is where we come from. Let’s go clockwise. Just to your left is a hole in a wall, click it. Pick up the gear wheel to collect it. Back out.

Now go into the building to the left of that, at roughly 8-o’clock. Go up the ladder. Use the crystal ball on the table in front of the magician. He will hold up a Stone Orb, pick it up.

Go down the ladder, then outside the building. Click the alleyway at 9-o’clock. Go left twice, then use the Crank Handle on the device. Click it to use it, another Stone Orb comes up. Pick it up.

At 12-o’clock is a closed door, click it. Pull the rope, wait a bit, then enter the building. Use the hammer on the clock, and pick up the two gear wheels that fall out.

Back out, and click on the building at 1-o’clock. Click in the darkness to enter. Click on the baby laying on the bed. Back out twice.

Click on the bottom twice to go back to the square. Click on the building to the right, where we were earlier. This time, Go left, then right, then up the staircase. Use 2 gears on the device, and then click the switch. Back out of the building.

Go to the left for a different part of the square. Click on the building at the top-right. Instead of entering, click on the right side to find a man. Click the gear which is somehow attached to his jacket. Click left twice, and use 2 gears on the device, and use the switch. Go right once.

Now enter the building. Click the top-right to go up the stairs, then the ladder to climb it. Pick up the gear laying on the floor, and go back out of this building. The spots can be tricky to find, so a bit of searching will be needed. Finally, back out, back to the square.

The second building from the left can be entered to sell some of your stuff, if needed. You can also buy a key here. You’ll need to buy atleast one, which makes a total of two keys. Back out of the shop.

Click to the left, then click on the door to the right. Use a key to open the door. In here, use 2 gears on the machine, and turn the switch. Back out to the square.

Click right twice, then enter the square behind this one, where we were before. Click on the building at roughly 8-o’clock. The 3 devices you’ve put gears into, opened the machine here. Take the Stone Orb. Back out, then leave this square back to the original square.

At this point, make sure you have either a key and 3 coins, or 18 coins. Click right twice. Click the bottom of the rope hanging out from the hospital, then click on top of the screen to climb up. Click the window where the rope comes from to enter the hospital. Click on the bottom, then to the bottom left. Here is a man looking out the window. Click the window for a close up, then back out. Now talk to the man, and buy a ‘Sleeping Pill’ (and a key, if you haven’t got one anymore). Back out into the hall again.

Click the cabinet on the right, below the stairwell that leads upstairs. Use the key to open the door, and pick up the puzzle piece in there. Now go outside the hospital again.

Click right twice, to where you can see two guards guarding a gate. Click to close up, then click on the left of the screen. Click the top of the stairs, then the doorway to enter. Give the guard here a sleeping pill. His hat will fall off, take it. Back out three times.

Click on the guards, and click again. They will now let you pass. Click right three times, to a view of your crashed balloon (and lots of coins!). Click the left doorway for a closeup, again to enter. In the middle of the room is a cabinet, click on the box on top of this, and pick up the puzzle piece. Back out, then click the door on the left to exit.

Now click on the door to the right, and again to enter. Click the bottom-right to go to the basement. Give the baby to the woman, she will give you a Stone Orb in return. Pick it up.

Go up two staircases, and click on the book. Click on the tower in the book to enter the book. Now click on the door to enter the tower. Use 4 puzzle pieces in the wall here, and get the last Stone Orb.

Click on the door to the left to leave the building, then twice at the bottom to leave the book. Click the staircase to descend, then the door on the left to leave the building. Click the bottom to back out, then left twice. Click the low arch, then use all 6 Stone Orbs and pull the lever. Click right to leave, then go to the right. Click the tunnel to leave. The end!

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