Puzzle Trap 7 walkthrough


Puzzle Trap 7 walkthroughPuzzle Trap 7 is the latest chapter in this point and click game series developed by Michael Hibbert and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

Puzzle Trap 7 Walkthrough

- Go up
- Go right
- There's a piece on the table by the sculpture. Note the color of the lights
- Go right twice
- Go down
- Go right. Note the joystick
- Go left twice. Take piece from behind pillar
- Go left. These symbols are numbers. The second symbol is correct
- Click the first one once, the third one twice and the last one twice
- Go back to the room with the colored lights. The lights are gone, take the piece and the ball
- Go all the way to the right.
- Here the symbols note the order of directions to move the joystick start with one an end with four
- Go to the joystick room and input the code
- Go back to the room above and take the piece and the ball
- Turn the switch
- Go to the pillar room note the light on the base of the pillar this needs two more switches
- Go back to the room with the door where you started
- Place the balls in the slots red in the first and blue in the second
- Open the door with the handle
- Take the piece that's on the floor. Note the arrows on the base of the glass case use that code on joystick
- Come back and take the key card
- Go back to the first room
- Go up
- Put the key card in the box on the wall. Bridge extends
- Go left. There is a piece under the nose
- Go left and take the hammer
- Go right to the ladder that goes to the top level. Throw the switch
- Go left. Note the hands 5 all pointing up
- Press up on the joystick 5 times
- A piece will appear on the tip of the finger of the center hand.
- Go back to the first room go through the door.
- The gold switch moved this room note the arrows above the door use that with the joystick
- Go right, take the hose off the floor.
- Come back to the door after inputting the code go through
- Use hammer on the cracked wall
- Turn switch. Take piece
- Go left twice. Take the mask. Move the rock
- Take key and piece
- Go back to the top floor where the gold switch is
- Unlock wall safe. Take piece and turn switch
- Go to the pillar. There is now a glowing orb, place the mask in it a piece pops out
- Go right and take the piece off the floor
- Go to the octopus room
- Plug the hose into the pump
- Pump till the head blows up
- Take the piece then go to the picture frame to put together the puzzle

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