Barnacle Bay Escape walkthrough


Barnacle Bay Escape walkthroughBarnacle Bay Escape is a point and click adventure developed by SelfDefiant and co-sponsored by CafeCafe Games and Juegos de Escape.

Barnacle Bay Escape Walkthrough

I shall number the rooms from bottom and left - you start therefore in number 7

Notice the picture is stuck at the wall and the light bulb is missing

Go up (room 11) and lift soap bar for BLACK KEY - look at the towel it says SWENS

Go back and left and use black key to enter room 6
Move right brown seat for BALL 1
Go one up and find SCREWDRIVER under TV
Also read note and write it down!

Go one left (room5) and take LIGHT BULB from right lamp
Notice 3-digit-box on counter
Go one down (room 1 - well exit door really) and pick up BALL 2
Back up again

Go left and notice box for Balls - 3 more to get
Go left and use the SWENS-clue to open right drawer for KNIVE
(Down,left,right, up,down)

Go left (room 2) and use SD to take painting down - get GREEN CUBE
Notice the drawer is jammed - use SD too for LIGHTER
Click on the clock and notice the time - it is 2:48

Go to the very right again and use SD on painting - there is the SAFE for the cubes - two more to collect
Put the lightbulp into lamp and get BALL 3

Go to the very top (room 12) and cut the lemon with the knive for BALL 4

Go down and left (room5) and solve the 3 digit code (remember the time) and get BALL 5

Go to room 4 and put the balls into the box and pick up SILVER KEY

Go right and up and use the key there
Put colors on sidetable according TV-room note
R O W and get RED CUBE

Go left to room 8 and pick up LIGHTER FLUID - put fluid into lighter

Go back to room 4 and light candle (difficult to see next to wine bottle (pick up BLUE CUBE)

Go all the way right to room 7 and put cubes into wallsafe (remember the TV-note - the heading??)
RBG and get GOLD KEY

Go back and down to room 1 and use the gold key

*** Thanks to SwissMiss for this walkthrough ***

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