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Walkthrough Gold Mine Escape 1 SolutionGold Mine Escape is a point and click escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. The Gold Rush is back and you moved into the gold business to make some profit. You wanted to save as much as possible and put your own hands to work into the mining adventure. Sadly the elevator is not working and you are trapped inside your own mine surrounded by gold mining equipment. Find and replace the fuses to escape from the gold mine.

Play Gold Mine Escape 1

Gold Mine Escape 1 Walkhtrough:

Throughout the rooms you will need to note the crystals in each room and the gems.

Note that you need four coloured things for the box next to the door.
Go right.

Move the hat for a key.
Go right.

Just check the crystals and gems here.
Go right.

Pick up the rock on the left of the screen. Move the cart to get a stick.
Go right.

Use the key to open the cupboard on the left and take the shovel. Open the cupboard on the right for the crowbar. There is a pickaxe hiding at the bottom of the screen - run your cursor over the rock to find it.
Go left.

Use crowbar on crate for dynamite.
Go left.

Use the numbers from the crystals on the silver box for a red fuse. Use the colours of the gems for a green fuse (solutions below).
Go left.

Use pickaxe on the front rock then dig in the space left with the shovel for the blue fuse. Stick the dynamite in the crack in the wall.
Go left.

Hit the rock on the left of the screen with the rock you have in your inventory to make a spark. Light the stick on the spark.
Go right.

Light the dynamite with the stick for the orange fuse.
Go left.

Put the fuses in the slots next to the door and get the elevator out of there.


Number code: Consists of the numbers of crystals in each room from the door going right: 5735.

Colour code: The colours of the gems in each room starting from the first room to the right and continuing right: white,yellow,red,green.

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