Halloween Escape 1


Halloween Escape walkthroughHalloween Escape 1 is the first chapter of the new point and click escape game series sponsored by 1001Arcade.com and JuegosDeEscape.net

You are trapped in a spooky place surrounded by carved pumpkins, candles and tricky puzzles. Find your way out of the room and join us tomorrow for another episode in this special Halloween week.

Play Halloween Escape 1

Halloween Escape 1 Walkthrough:

1. Get key from bottom of the screen.
2. Use key on first door.
3. Take candle and witch hut from behind stones. The box code are the apples covers:
brown, pink, white, red. Take the pumpking.
4. Go right
5. The box code are the number of candies in every scene, starting with green candies "6351". Take the broom.
6. Go right.
7. The second code is the number of blue candle wicks "3123". Take the apple.
8. Take key from behind big pumpking.
9. Go right.
10. The cupboard code are the sticks shadows "-|--". Take the hammer.
11. Go right.
12. To open the safe look the eyes of the pumpking: circle, square, triangle, diamond. Take half pumpking.
13. Use candle on torch.
14. Use candle to make fire on cauldron.
15. Use apple on cauldron, get pumpking.
16. Use hat and broom on spots, take pumpking.
17. Use hammer on big pumpking and take half pumpking, combine with other half.
18. Use pumpkings on door and you get out!!!

Thanks for playing...

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