Haunted Crypt Escape 1 - The Beginning


Walkthrough Haunted Crypt Escape 1 SolutionHaunted Crypt Escape 1 - The Beginning is a point and click type escape the room game sponsored by CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.net

While you were looking for the lost treasure, you were trapped in this maze, you need to get out of here, and search for the tomb of Alfonso XII.

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Haunted Crypt Escape 1 - The Beginning Walkthrough:

1 - Go right. The arrows clue is the compass directions: left, left, up, left. Take clamp.
The hour glasses code are the window starting with red one. Full - empty - 1/2 - empty.
Take Sickle.
2 - Take lighter from bottom screen.
3 - Go right. Take carbon beside skull.
The code for levels puzzles are the sticks in every scene starting with fountian view.
Take wood.
4 - Use carbon on coal, use lighter and take hot carbon using the clamp.
5 - Use hot carbon on cross and take a bar.
6 - Use sickle on flowers to reveal a box. The code for this box are the owl eyes starting with the fountain view: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green.
Take hammer
7 - Use hammer on top of fountain. Take rock.
8 - Use wood in front of fountain to reveal another box.
The code are the number of bugs in every scene following the fountain order: 2531.
Take Metal
9 - Use metal to break brunch.
10 - Go to the door and use bar in the hole, then stick, then rock.
You Get Out!!!

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