Coins Walkthrough


Coins WalkthroughCoins is the title of Monosynth's newest point and click sliding puzzle game. Your objective is to place the wooden tokens in their proper place while following simple placement rules. It contains very easy to learn puzzles but kind of hard to master.

Play Coins

This game is played entirely with your mouse. Just drag and drop the coins through 40 levels. The first few levels serves as the tutorial and introduction to the rules while the next sets of levels will give you some challenging puzzles and additional rules.

There are 2 different achievements on Kongregate for Coins:

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-Change Badge: Easy, 5 points
  • Neurotic Numismatist Badge: Hard, 30 points
Here is the walkthrough for Coins to Ace all 40 levels and get both badges:

badges for Coins
Coins walkthrough levels 1 to 15

Coins walkthrough levels 16 to 25

Coins walkthrough levels 26 to 30

Coins walkthrough levels 31 to 35

Coins walkthrough levels 36 to 40

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