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Parents locked their adamant little son inside the house and went to the party and celebrate the new year. The poor boy wants to join them in the celebration. Use the objects and clues to show him a correct way to come out from there. Good Luck!

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    Take ladder to the right of cupboard.
    Take bag from bed
    take pin from books
    Take lace shoe
    Take stool.
    Take spoon from floor
    Use stool in front of cupboard.
    Click green thing to the right of the clock
    Take stool
    Use stool in front of sink
    Click on sink
    Click cold water
    Use strainers on sink
    Click soap
    Click hot water
    Take Hook and combine it with shoe lace.
    Click cupboard so kevin go there. Use pin on drawer
    Take rope and scissors
    Take cloth from floor
    Use scissors on cloth and rope
    Use rope on cloth
    Use stool in front of cupboard.
    Use hook and shoe lace (combined) on books. Click the picture. Take glass piece
    Take Needle from right of stove
    Use glass on tray, get blue marble.
    Use stool near table, click table
    Use tea spoon on table, use marble on kevin. Get candle
    Use candle on ladle
    Use stool in front of stove
    Click the stove and turn on.
    Use laddle with candle on stove. Turn off the stove. Get wax
    Zoom laddle, click to rotate.
    Use needle on wax
    Use wax on rope, then use the bag.
    Now you have a parachute.
    Use parachute on Kevin and....You are out...Nice Game

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  1. first...
    i have laddle, shoe lace, spoon, stool

  2. Use pin on drawer. You need to close kevin to the drawer first.
    Now i have scissors and rope

  3. I can´t use the pin on drawer

  4. sink strainers from cupboard, use stool to get it

  5. Use stool on sink, turn on cold water, use strainers, turn on hot water, take hook

  6. lol, awesome parachute
    Am I smart or what?

  7. @Kevin How do you make the parachute?

  8. out.
    Thanks a lot for the walkthrough!

  9. Complete walkthrough available.
    Just click the + sign


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