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We want to celebrate the upcoming new year with you and thought the best would be this new escape game series.

We are stuck in a room and need to escape on time to celebrate with our family. Search carefully for hidden objects and clues to solve the in-game puzzles and get out before 2012.
Good luck!

Play New Year Escape 1

New Year Escape 1 Walkthrough:

1. Take key from left of the left cupboard. Go right
2. Put the clock at 12:00, get fire cracker.
3. Look the fireworks on the window.
4.Go left. Use fireworks clue in drawer from bigger to smaller (skyblue, orange, red, green), take matches.
5. Go right, count grapes. Go right, use grapes clue on drawer (2534), take scissors.
6. Look christmas ornament. go right twice. Use clue to solve the levels puzzle. Take cutter.
7. Open window, Use scissors on snowman. Take wick.
8. Use key on box. Take fire cracker.
9. Go left, Use cutter on truck. Take fire cracker.
10. Look fireworks on window again. Use the clue to solve the castle puzzle from smaller to big.
Click castle buttons in this order: 2143
11. Go to the door. Use fire crackers on key hole, use wick, use matches.
You're out!!!!

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