Wake Up The Box 3


Wake Up The Box 3 walkthroughWake Up The Box 3 is the latest in Eugene Karataev's popular series of puzzle game. Enjoy the complete walkthrough and wake up the box though 16 levels!

You'll be able to earn the Narcolepsy Nostrum Remedium Badge (medium, 15 points) on Kongregate with the provided walkthrough. Enjoy!

The Box is back and sleeping again. Use the items at your disposal to affect the environment and cause enough commotion so that the box wakes up again.

A lot of care has been put developing set pieces for the puzzles. It keeps the game visually interesting and quite amusing.

Play Wake Up The Box 3

Wake Up The Box 3 walkthrough levels 1-8

Wake Up The Box 3 walkthrough levels 9-16

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