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In White Room Escape you are trapped in a white room or maybe gray room.
In this game, you need to solve several flowers related puzzles and find objects in order to get the key and find the solution for this escape game. Good Luck!

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White Room Escape Walkthrough:


    Note on shelf
    use note clue on picture
    Solution ΨΕΛ
    Take key and rose from picture.
    Use key on cabinet
    Look the paper
    Put rose on vase
    See clue on picture
    Go to shelf and look for the picture shapes. Count glasses, use code to open box
    Take knife
    Look at the little table with bottles. Count the bottles and look table colors.
    Use clue on flowers picture.
    Solution: Green, pink, orange, violet
    Take key
    Use key on drawer. Take envelope
    Use knife on envelope. Get paper.
    Combine this paper with the paper on cabinet to get the door number.
    Solution: 608
    Click door and you're out!!!

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