The 3 Houses


The 3 Houses is a new point and click type Adventure Game developed by Michael Hibbert for CafeCafeGames.

You are in this strange place with only 3 houses. Explore this place and find objetcts and clues in order to discover the hidden secret in this point and click adventure. Good Luck!

Play The 3 Houses

The 3 Houses Walkthrough:


    1.Go left
    enter the house
    get the key from the top.

    2. Go left twice
    use the key

    3.Go down
    get the mask half buried in the dirt

    4. Leave house and go to the ruins
    enter ruins use mask in the space in the wall

    5.Go up twice
    go right
    use lever
    leave ruins go right to the rock
    enter the rock

    6. Go down twice
    go left take hammer from behind the pillar.
    go left twice note the symbols on the floor and above the doors
    go to the ruins, enter and go up once.
    use hammer on the lion face

    7.Go left
    go left
    climb down the shaft
    go up
    take dynamite

    8.Go down and to the main shaft
    go left twice
    take lighter
    go back to the lever click on it

    9.Leave and enter house
    go left
    use hammer on the discolored floorboard
    move broken wood
    take coin

    10.Go left
    go down
    go right twice
    when you click on these disks they spin and when you look above the disks there is a small symbol they resemble to ones that are on the floor in the rock turn the disks so they match to ones in the other room the forth is not provided turn it till it the base opens
    take the medallion from the base.

    11. Go left
    drop dynamite in front of the bricked up doorway
    use lighter on the dynamite
    take the gem from the bricks enter the door

    12.Go right twice
    there is a key on the side of the mask turn it till it stops
    use lighter on the wick that comes from the top of the mask
    take the gem that falls out

    13. Go left drop coin in the cup
    go left twice
    press button on the panel
    take coin

    14. Go left
    take statue
    leave house and go to the ruins
    go up twice
    go left
    drop coin in the cup

    15.Go right
    go down
    go left
    go left
    go down the shaft
    go up
    go right
    place gems in the lions eyes
    take medallion

    16.Go back to the main shaft
    go left 3 times
    take statue

    17.Go back to the lever and pull it
    leave and go to the rock
    go down twice , to the left and in the door.
    place medallion on the stick

    18.Go back, left twice and in the door.
    place medallion on the stick
    go back and right
    use lever then enter door
    go left twice behind the far pedestal is a coin take it
    go all the way to the right
    put coin in the cup

    19.Go left twice, back, to the right and through the door
    take statue
    back to the room with the three pedestals

    20.Place statues on the pedestals in order from left to right, grey king, red nutcracker, brown shaman
    go right
    use the pull cord
    enter door way

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