Gold Mine Escape 7


Walkthrough Gold Mine Escape 7 SolutionGold Mine Escape 7 is a point and click escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. The Gold Rush is back and you moved into the gold business to make some profit. You wanted to save as much as possible and put your own hands to work into the mining adventure. Sadly the elevator is not working and you are trapped inside your own mine surrounded by gold mining equipment. Find all the gears to escape from the gold mine.

Play Gold Mine Escape 7

Gold Mine Escape 7 Walkhtrough:

    1. Pay atention to the nails on boards and birds colours.
    2. Go right. Take lighter from bottom screen.
    3. Clue for barrel code: Count the simbols on walls starting from barrel escene. (8254)
    4. Clue for box: Count the numbers of nails on boards starting from elevator escene. (7298)
    Take hammer.
    5.Go right. Take spoon from behind rocks. use spoon on barrel.
    6. Go right twice. Clue for color code: Birds colours starting from elevetor escene. (Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Red)
    Take shovel.
    7. Take Wheel from behind bags.
    8. Go right. Use shovel on carbon
    9. Go right twice. Use Wheel on truck. Move the truck get gear.
    10. Go right. Use coal on train.
    11. Combine spoon with oil with lighter.
    12. Use lighter on coal. Get gear.
    13. Use hammer on door (upper right). Get gear.
    14. Go right. Use lighter on torch. Get last gear.
    15. Go to elevetor. Use gears on door and You are out!!!

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