Puzzle Trap 8 walkthrough


Walkthrough Puzzle Trap 8 Guide, Help, SolutionPuzzle Trap 8 is the latest chapter in this point and click type escape game series developed by Michael Hibbert and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

Interact with the environment by clicking on objects, find all the puzzle pieces and escape the room. Good Luck!

Puzzle Trap 8 Walkthrough

1. Go right twice
open elevator
take piece that's under the tape

2. Go left
go up go left
take the ears off the Buddha

3.Go back to the first floor and all the way to the left
place the ears on the first monkey

4. Go right
click on the picture frame it swivels and now you are on the other side of the wall

5. Go right
go up
go left
flip switch
go left
flip switch
go left
take piece off elevator ,flip switch

6. Go left
take piece off the pyramid flip switch

7. Go back too the front side of the picture of the picture frame
go to the elevator
take the monkey eyes

8. go left and up the ladder
take the monkey mouth

9. Go all the way to the left
take key from in between the ladder steps
the blue disks to the right of the ladder are opened by using the switches behind the wall use the combination on the front of the disk

10. Go up the ladder
in the center of the metal flower is a piece

11. Go right there is a piece on the table
take the bust on the floor

12. Go down the ladder and all the way to the right
use key on the box

13. Go down to the bottom floor and all the way to the left
use the monkey mouth and eyes on the remaining monkey heads

14. Go right
and behind the picture
go upstairs and to the elevator shaft flip switch

15. Go under the elevator and place the bust underneath
go back up and crush the bust with the elevator
get the piece out of the shattered pieces

16. Go back to the picture frame and place ll the puzzle pieces in the frame.

The End...Thanks for playing

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