Psychout walkthroughPsychout is a very original puzzle game created by FunCrow.

You're a patient in a mental hospital who has the big opportunity to escape.

Find the key, open the door and go through the next level.

In this puzzle game, physics meets madness, in each screen the laws of physics change all the time. Sometimes you can control gravity with a single click, other times you can climb walls as if gravity does not exist.

You control this madness patient with the arrow keys or WASD. In each level you will find lot of traps, puzzles and levers that will make your way to the key a little harder. To control these artifacts you only have to press the down arrow or the letter S in your keyboard.

Graphics and sound perfectly complement this crazy environment. Escaping from this place will not take too long but will make your day fun. A highly recommended game.

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Psychout Walkthrough:

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