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Droid Land WalkthroughDroid Land is a point and click type adventure game.

In a robot world, an inventor attempts to create the first organic life specimen ever by using a mysterious dark energy trapped at the core of the planet. Will his plan succeed?

Help him and find the answer!

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Droid Land Walkthrough:

Level 1
- click the oil can to grab it (it’s empty for now)
The barrel contains oil but you can’t use it unless you grab the oil can first.
- click the barrel to fill the oil can
Now the oil can is full and you can use it.
- click Alf to pour oil on his joints.
Now Alf can move but he still needs his toolbox to leave the scene
- click the pillow and you’ll see a key under it. Grab the key.
There’s a drawer under the bed, now you can unlock it with the key
- click the drawer and then get the toolbox.
You’re now ready to go!
- Click the sky to get to scene 2.
Level 2
Now you need to access the basement, but the door is locked
- Click the toolbox and grab the hammer
You’ll need this hammer to open the mailbox (which is stuck) in the previous scene
- click at the leftmost side of the scene to go back to scene 1
- click the mailbox on the wall behind Alf to open it
You can now open the mailbox
- click the key in the mailbox
You’ve just got the key to open the basement
- click the sky to get back to scene 2
- now click the door to the basement to get to scene 3.
Level 3
Here you need to activate the machine and power up the generator by finding the 2 missing fuses.
- Click the fusebox on the back wall
Notice you can’t pull the switch unless you find the missing fuses
- Click the ceiling opening to go back to scene 2
You can now collect the fuse at the left of Alf’s leg. (It’s that round object)
- Click at the left side of the scene to get to scene 1
- Click the fuse at the top of the mailbox
You now have both fuses and can power up the generator
- Click the sky to get back to scene 2
- Click the tape on the floor at the left of the inventor to learn how the machine needs to be configured.
- Click the door to the basement to go to scene 3
Now you have all you need to finish the game
- Click the fusebox again, notice the collected fuses are now in place and you can now pull the switch to power up the machine.
- Click the keyboard on the machine and pull the switches according to the scheme you saw on the tape.
From the left to the right and top to bottom: down, up, up, down, up, down
- Now push the button and it will turn green.
Click Alf.
Enjoy the ending movie!

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