Water Temple 9


Online games Water Temple 9Water Temple 9 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. You are trapped in a water temple and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Have fun!!!

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Water Temple 9 Walkthrough:

1 - Take a look at the arabic numbers above the door and convert them. Go to your right.
2 - Click the sea shell to see a teal pearl.
3 - Take the stick piece located at the bottom of the screen.
4 - Click the sea shell to see a white pearl.
5 - Input the arabic numbers code on the box. The code is 7392. Take the hammer.
6 - Click the sea shell to see a yellow pearl. Go to your right.
7 - Click the sea shell to see a red pearl.
8 - Input the colored pearls on the box. Take the stick piece.
9 - Take the lamp located right of the rock.
10 - Take a look of the order the coins are buried. Go to your right.
11 - Use the hammer on the box and take a piece of wood.
12 - Click the other box to move it and take the rock.
13 - Take a look of the order the roman numbers in the circles. Go to your right twice.
14 - Input the roman numbers code on the treasure chest. The code is 2418. Take the arrow.
15 - Click the buttons above the treasure chest following the order of the buried coins. The order is 1342.
16 - Use the lamp on the sand right to the ship's hull. Put the piece of wood above the lamp. Click the piece of wood to take a stick.
17 - Take a look at the marks on the ship's hull. Go to your right.
18 - Place the levels trying to mimic the position of the marks in the ship's hull. Hint: Up, middle, down. Take the knife. Place the arrow above the big stone in the middle of the screen. Use the rock on the arrow and take a stick.
19 - Go to your left twice.
20 - Use the knife on the plant located in a rock at the bottom right of the screen. Take the piece of plant.
21 - Combine the two stick pieces and use the piece of plant to tie them.
22 - Use the sticks on the door holes.
Click the door and you are out!

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