Water Temple 10


Water Temple 10 WalkthroughWater Temple 10 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. You are trapped in a water temple and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Have fun!!!

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Water Temple 10 Walkthrough:

1 - Go to your right. Take a good look at the colors of the flags. Take the shell.
2 - Go to your right twice. Take a good look at the dots in the wall. Input the color code in the box. The hint was in the flags (red, green, sky blue, yellow). Take the knife. Use the knife to take the oxygen tank.
3 - Go to your right. Use the shell to remove the metal bar from the barrel. Take a look at the number in the wall and the dots on the barrel. Take the wire from the lower right part of the screen.
4 - Go to your right. Input the number in the box. The clue is in the dots of the wall (3812). Take the key.
5 - Go to your right twice. Use the key on the locker. Take the cup.
6 - Go to your left. Use the wire and metal bar on the safe. Input the code in the safe. The hint is within the dots of the barrel (1153). Take the hydrogen tank.
7 - Fill the cup with oxygen and hydrogen.
8 - Go to your right 3 times. Place the cup above the box. Take the key and use it on the door.
Congratulations! You escaped the Water Temple.

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