West Escape 4


West Escape 4 is a Point and Click type escape the room game sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

You are trapped in this old west house and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

Play West Escape 4

West Escape 4 Walkthrough:

1 - Take a look at the clue above the door. Go to your right.
2 - Count the amount of open doors and remember the number. Go to your right.
3 - Take a look at the numbers of the cards on the table. Click the hat. Take the nail. Go to your right.
4 - Take the gun from the bottom of the screen. Go to your right.
5 - Input the code 3152 in the box (hint from the open doors). Take the sharper. Take the metal bar. Input the color code in the box (red, red, red, black from above the door). Take the tool. Take a look at the position of the candles. Go to your right.
6 - Move the levels of the chest with the clue from the candles (down, middle, up, middle). Take a wheel part. Use the gun on the barrel. Take another wheel part. Go to your right.
7 - Input the code from the cards (1458) and tak the hammer. Use the metal bar in the floor plank. Take the last wheel part. Go to your right twice.
8 - Use the sharper in the bars of the cell. Take another wheel part. Use the tool to retrieve the nail of the table. Go to your right.
9 - Combine the nail and the hammer. Place all wheel parts in the wall. Use both hammer and nail on the wheel. Combine hammer and nail again to use them on the wheel for the second time. Take the wheel. Go to your right.
10 - Place the wheel on the wall and... done!

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