Lost in Jungle 4


Lost in Jungle 4 WalkthroughLost in Jungle 4 is a point and click adventure co-sponsored by CafeCafe Games and Juegos de Escape.

You are trapped in a Jungle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape from this place. Good Luck!

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Lost in Jungle 4 Walkthrough:

1 - Go Down.
2 - Take the metal bar from the plane wreckage (bottom right).
3 - Take note of the number in the wing (7027).
4 - Go to your left. Take note of the colors in the bird's tail.
5 - Input the number from the plane on the box.
6 - Take the knife.
7 - Use the knife on the rope above the bird.
8 - Take the rope.
9 - Go to your right twice.
10 - Take the bucket hidden behind the bush.
11 - Take a good look at the flowers.
12 - Combine the bucket and the rope.
13 - Input the colors from the bird's tail on the box (yellow, green, red, blue).
14 - Take the wheel.
15 - Go to your left twice.
16 - use the wheel on the well.
17 - Use the combination of bucket and rope on the well.
18 - Take the key.
19 - Go to your right twice.
20 - Use the key to open the door. Enter. Not the key! Just go through the door :)
21 - Take note of the colored tools.
22 - Go to your right. Click the bucket and take the stone.
23 - Use the hints from the tools and the flowers to find the correct number and input it on the box (3972).
24 - Take a tool.
25 - Get out and go to your left twice.
26 - Use the stone in the coconut. Use the metal bar in the coconut and take the key. Use the tool to retrieve those wires.
27 - Get back to the cabin.
28 - Use the key in the cupboard and take the welder.
29 - Get out and go to your left.
30 - Click on the plane.
31 - Place the wires in the left hole and use the welder on them.
To be continued...

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