Search for Lost Souls


Search for lost souls WalkthroughSearch for Lost Souls is a point and click type escape game developed by Michael Hibbert and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

You are trapped in a house full of ghosts. Use your mouse to interact with the enviroment and Find all the ghosts. Good Luck!

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Search for Lost Souls Walkthrough:

1 - Go through the door next to the chair.
2 - Go through the door next to the statue and the door at the end of the hall.
3 - Click the crystal ball and again click on the close up of the crystal ball
4 - Go back to the bust then go to your right.
5 - Click the chair and get the ghost.
6 - Click on the small box next to the chair on the book shelf.
7 - Open the box and click the button.
8 - Collect the ghost and enter the secret passage.
9 - Go to your right.
10 - Collect the ghost by the hole.
11 - Go down hole then go to your left twice.
12 - Take the gas cap off the generator and fill it with gas.
13 - Pull the ripcord.
14 - Go back to the second room with the two doors facing you.
15 - Enter the door on the right.
16 - Open the toilet and look inside. Pull the tail tats wiggling in the bottom of the bowl.
17 - Quickly click on the ghost that pops out of the toilet tank.
18 - Leave the bathroom, go to the door on the left then upstairs.
19 - Click the light switch next to the door facing you. Now go through that door.
20 - Open the egg shape device (this releases three ghosts).
21 - Go back, then go right.
22 - Go through the door and up the stairs.
23 - Click the light bulb and break the horn off the lion statue.
24 - Turn the light off and collect the ghost.
25 - Go back to the door next to the hole in the wall.
26 - Go to your right.
27 - A ghost appears in the face of this clock, collect it.
28 - Notice the time on the clock.
29 - Go through the door and turn on the light next to the mirror.
30 - Notice the ghost in the mirror.
31 - Go to your right and pull up the blanket.
32 - Collect the ghost hidden under bed.
33 - Move the chair all the way to off the left side of the screen.
34 - Go to your left.
35 - Use the chair on the mirror and collect the ghost.
36 - Go downstairs to the clock and change the time to 7:15
37 - Come back upstairs in the before the clock there is a ghost.
38 - Go back to the bust, roll over the eyes and click them as soon as you see glowing.
39 - Go through the door then go to your left.
40 - Drop the log on the blue flame and collect the ghost.
41 - Go to your left and through the door.
42 - Click the faucet and collect the last ghost.

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