Christmas 2012 Walkthrough


Christmas 2012 WalkthroughChristmas 2012 is a point and click adventure co-sponsored by CafeCafe Games and Juegos de Escape.

It's christmas and you are trapped in a room. Find objects, clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. Good Luck!

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Christmas 2012 Walkthrough:

1 - Take a good look at the colors of the lamps.
2 - Go to your right. Take a look at the colors of the hats and the dots. Notice the time in the digital clock.
3 - Go to your right. Input the colors from the hats in the drawer (green, cyan, red, pink) and take the metal bar.
4 - Go to your right. In the cupboard input the colors from the lamps (cyan, yellow, red, green, orange) and take the stick.
5 - Go to your right. Observe the cups and the position of the liquid on them. Input the time from the clock in the box (2359) and take the rope.
6 - Go to your right. Use the metal bar on the coach from the left. Take the broom.
7 - Go to your right twice. Click the buttons from the left drawer following the order of the cups (4312) and take the knife.
8 - Go to your left. Use the broom under the shelf and take the wheel.
9 - Go to your left. Use the knife in the cake. Take a scissors piece.
10 - Go to your right 3 times. Place the wheel in the wood above the christmas tree. Place the rope in the wheel. Click the rope and take the screw.
11 - Go to your left. Use the stick to break the red light from the right window. Take the key.
12 - Go to your left. Use the key in the chest and take the other scissors piece.
13 - Go to your left. Place both scissors pieces on the table next to the cake. Add the screw and take the scissors.
14 - Go to the door and use the scissors to cut the ribbon. Congratulations!

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