Desired New Year 2013


Desired New Year 2013 is a point and click escape game co-sponsored by CafeCafe Games and Juegos de Escape.

You are trapped in a room and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape from this place. Good Luck!

Play Desired New Year 2013

Desired New Year 2013 Walkthrough:

1 - Go to your right. Count the point from each star in the window. Go to your left and input that number in the closet (4354). Take the handle.
2 - Go to your right. Place the handle in the drawer and take the knife.
3 - Go to your right. Take a good look at the shapes of the trimmings above the snowman.
4 - Go to your left twice. Use the previous shapes tip in the closet. Take the key.
5 - Go to your right. Use the key in the box. Take the buttons.
6 - Go to your right three times. Click all the cushions to see the letters clue. Take a look at the dots in Santa's beard. Take the screwdriver located at the left of the sofa.
7 - Go to your left. Use the colors of the cushions in the box inside the fireplace (green, red, yellow, orange). Take the carrot. Use the screwdriver to open the trunk. Take the scarf.
8 - Go to your left twice. Use the order of the dots in Santa's beard to open the box (2431). Take the hat.
9 - Go to your right. Place the items from your inventory in the snowman in the followin order: carrot, buttons, scarf and finally hat. Take the key.
10 - Use the key on the door and you are out!

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