Lost in Jungle 6


Lost in Jungle 6 WalkthroughLost in Jungle 6 is a point and click adventure co-sponsored by CafeCafe Games and Juegos de Escape.

You are trapped in a Jungle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape from this place. Good Luck!

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Lost in Jungle 6 Walkthrough:

1 - Go to your right. Count the stripes from every snake (5, 2, 6 and 4). Input the code in the box. Take the knife. Count the leaves in the hanging plant.
2 - Go to your left. Take the fruit from the bottom right of your screen.
3 - Go to your left. Place the fruit right from the carnivorous plant. Use the knife in the carnivorous plant and take the key.
4 - Take the screwdriver located next to the arrows.
5 - Use the clue from the snakes to input the colors code in the closet (red, yellow, orange, brown). Take the shovel and observe the colors of the instrument.
6 - Go to your right. Use the colors from the instrument to open the left shelf (red, yellow, teal, black). Take the welder.
7 - Input the amount of leaves to open the middle closet (8958). Take the glass and observe the position of the canes in the plant.
8 - Get out of the cabin and go to your left.
9 - Use the levers following the hint from the plant (middle, up, down, middle). Take the wheel.
10 - Go to your left. Use the shovel in the ground and take the piece of metal.
11 - Go to your right. Place the wheel in the plane and use the screwdriver to adjust it. Take the token. Place the glass in the place and take the token. Place the piece of metal in the plane, use the welder on it and take the token.
12 - Go to your left and place your tokens in their place. Now you can take the key.
13 - Use the key to get inside the plane and press the red button... BOOM! (just kidding) Congratulations you completed the last chapter in our Lost in Jungle series :)

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