Shapik The Quest walkthrough


Shapik The Quest walkthrough
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Shapik: The Quest, by Izzy Games, is a point-and-click adventure game with beautiful visuals and atmospheric music.

Embark on an adventure through a mysterious forest to rescue your sister who has been captured. Solve interesting puzzles and make your way through each area by clicking on objects that you or your bee can interact with.

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Shapik The Quest level 1
1 - Click on the rock where indicated to walk that direction. Click again to pull the vine.
2 - Click on the rolled up vine to bounce up to the branch.
3 - Click on the creature trapped in the spider web to walk to it. Click again to free the bee.
4 - Click on the topmost mushroom to send your bee to free the vine.
5 - Click on the vine to climb to level two.

Shapik The Quest level 2
1 - Walk to the right until you're standing by the old man.
2 - Click to talk to him. He wants part of his switch that was stolen by the owl.
3 - Click on the owl, and your bee will scare it to a different branch.
4 - Click on the fruit above the owl's head, which will startle the owl and cause it to drop what you're looking for.
5 - Click on the missing part to walk to it, then click again to pick it up.
6 - The old man will install the missing part into the panel. Click on it for a close up.
7 - Click the blue and green parts so they are in a vertical position to turn on the lights.
8 - Click on the arrow on the right side of the screen to exit to level three.

Shapik The Quest level 3
1 - The bridge is too high for you to cross. You need to find the code to lower it.
2 - Click on the tuft of grass and cat tails on the bottom of the screen. Click again to pull up a sign post.
3 - That arrow is pointing up! We want down. Click the sign again to flip it around.
4 - That's better. The code is yellow, green, purple. Push the red button after you enter the code.
5 - Walk until you are standing by the frog. Click the frog.
6 - Continue walking until you are standing by the one-eyed creature. Talk to him to find out his friend the snail got scared off.
7 - Walk back to the bridge by where the frog was. Click on the snail.
8 - Click on the right side of the screen to exit to level 4.

Shapik The Quest level 4
1 - Click the up arrow to summon a tram.
2 - Get in the tram.
3 - Notice the worm that peeks out when you're in the tram.
4 - Jump out and then right back into the tram and the worm will come out, causing all sorts of commotion.
5 - You can now click the down arrow to take a ride to level 5.

Shapik The Quest level 5
1 - Watch the cut scene to continue on to level 6.

Shapik The Quest level 6
1 - Walk until you are standing in front of the door. Click to knock on the door.
2 - Notice the guard with the key that appears in the top window.
3 - While the guard is in the window, click on the key and your bee will retrieve it.
4 - Walk to the middle of the screen. Click on the manhole cover to walk up onto the pipe.
5 - Click on the crane to climb inside.
6 - Click once on the right arrow to move the crane above the manhole cover.
7 - Click on the blue down arrow to lower the crane, then push the up arrow to pull the lid off. Welcome to level seven!

Shapik The Quest level 7
1 - Wait until the robot is below you. Click on the green button to leak water out. It will short the robot out.
2 - Click the button two more times until a code starts flashing on the robot screen.
3 - Just for fun, walk to the window on the left and call the owl to you. :)
4 - Walk to the center and then click down the ladder.
5 - Walk to the door on the right and click on it to view the code interface.
6 - Enter the code flashing on the robot, starting with the equal sign.
7 - Click the door to enter level eight.

Shapik The Quest level 8
1 - Walk across the screen and click the red button to call the elevator.
2 - Click on the elevator to get on.
3 - Click the red button to ride up to the next level.
4 - Click to exit the elevator, then walk to the left until you are standing next to the bulliten board.
5 - Click on the bulletin board to look at the papers. Whoops! One fell off! But the one that stayed reads 314.
6 - Ride the elevator until you are back to the ground floor. Walk over to look at the fallen paper. It reads 425.
7 - Go back to the elevator and ride to the second floor.
8 - Walk to the panel in the middle of the screen. Click on it for a close-up.
9 - Think of the numbers you found.
10 - Click the first button 4 times, the second 2 times, the third 5 times. The light on the left side of the console should glow red if you've done it correctly.
11 - Click the red button to clear.
12 - Click the first green button 3 times, the second 1 time, and the third 4 times. Another panel should open if you've done it correctly.
13 - You'll notice the dials in this panel are similar to the drawings on the wall. Pay attention particularly to the right side wall.
14 - Make the blue lines match the lower line of the symbols on the right.
15 - Go to the elevator and ride up to meet your sister!
16 - Enter the room she was in and click on the computer.
17 - Click on all of the arrows one time (i.e., highlight the arrows pointing up) so the elevator will take you up.
18 - Walk to the elevator and push the button to escape to level 9!

Shapik The Quest level 9
1 - Click to walk across to the chained bug.
2 - Click on the bug who tells you he'd greatly like the key to his chain.
3 - Walk back to the center of the screen, then click on the foot of the stars, then on the stairs to go up.
4 - Click on the unoccupied bed to hide.
5 - Click on the monster. Your bee will bother it and it will sit up and turn on the light.
6 - Click on the monster again while the light is on. It will swat the bee away, turn off the light and roll over, revealing the key.
7 - Click on the key to take it.
8 - Click on the chained up bug to free him. He'll bring you your escape ride.
9 - Click on the stairs to walk down, then on your sister, then on the door of the flying machine until you are in it.
10 - Click one last time on the flying machine to win the game. Congratulations!

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